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Road Watch

As a service to our members and the general public, MCBC monitors road conditions and repairs in Marin County to help ensure bicyclist safety. We report construction and trouble spots on this page, which we will update when the status of any of the projects changes. Recently completed projects are listed below the works in progress.

To report hazardous road conditions, please visit our Road Repair page.

In Progress


Lincoln Avenue/Los Ranchito bike lane during construction (Central Marin)

Lincoln Summit bike lanesDate first identified: Feb. 23
Expected Completion: Summer 2009 (temporary fix in place now)

Part of the HOV Gap Closure project includes building a multi-use path along Lincoln Avenue that will connect with bike lanes to be installed at the top of Los Ranchitos. The work included construction of a retaining wall at the top of the hill and corresponding drainage boxes in the pavement. The temporary road reconfiguration is forcing cyclists against the new retaining wall and over the drainage boxes around a blind curve. Motorists routinely drift in to this space around the blind corner. More shoulder width is needed for cyclists to be able to safely go around this corner. The Transportation Authority of Marin and Caltrans were notified of this dangerous situation and will be realigning the temporary barriers, installing appropriate signage, and placing temporary flexible separators in the roadway to help move motorists out of the travel path of cyclists.



Center Blvd vegetation trimmingCenter Boulevard vegetation trimming (Central Marin)

Date first identified: on a seasonal basis (Spring to Summer)
Completed: fixed as of 4/9/09

Each year the vegetation along Center Boulevard between Fairfax and San Anselmo encroaches in to the roadway. Requests for trimming of vegetation were made to both San Anselmo and Fairfax. Crews trimmed back vegetation early in 2009. This is an ongoing maintenance issue that will need to be addressed periodically.


Loose gravel on Pantoll Road (West Marin)

Date first identified: Feb. 4
Completed: Feb. 20

A recent chip seal maintenance repair of Pantoll Road was made. Chips from the seal were coming loose and became a road hazard for cyclists. After the Parks Service was notified, sweeping crews swept the road several times to remove the loose gravel.


Bridgeway BoulevardSausalito road repairs along Bridgeway Boulevard (Southern Marin)

Date first identified: Nov. 2008
Completed: January 2009

Crews were undergrounding utilities late in 2008 along Bridgeway Boulevard. Temporary asphalt had been laid on the roadway, but was providing a rough and dangerous riding surface in the designated bike lanes. Sausalito City staff was notified, and they ensured that the contractor corrected the pavement issues when work was completed. The new asphalt is the best stretch of roadway for cyclists along this route.