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Marin County Bicycle Coalition (MCBC) is dedicated to promoting bicycling for everyday transportation and recreation, making every ride part of the MCBC Experience.

Started  in 1998, MCBC represents a broad constituency of bicyclists in Marin County, including road enthusiasts, mountain bikers, commuters, cargo bike riders, families seeking car-free trips, active transportation advocates, and more. MCBC is a highly-respected partner to government agencies and other organizations.

MCBC works with multiple partners to develop bike and pedestrian pathways, tunnels, bridges and key transportation infrastructure; and delivers on-road cycling instruction. In a location known as the birthplace of mountain biking, MCBC establishes and maintains strong relationships with land managers to expand trails access, as well as developing off-road educational and environmental stewardship projects.  Through Safe Routes to Schools – a partnership program with Transportation Authority of Marin – MCBC educates children and develops safer ways for kids to bike and walk in their neighborhoods.

MCBC has helped bring over $100 million of state and federal funding into Marin to improve the county’s bike and pedestrian network.

Marin County Bicycle Coalition is an equal opportunity employer.

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