Family Biking Events

Family Biking EventsWe host Family Biking Events throughout the year. As new riders get confident, they start to venture out past the end of your driveway and enclosed parks.  Having an understanding of the needed traffic skills while riding is necessary for them (not to mention their parents’ well-being).

Help your children to learn how to ride safely on the road by joining us in one of our Family Biking Events.  Learn how to safely navigate the streets with fun activities, including an optional group ride. We encourage parents to join in after the kids-only instruction.

League of American Bicyclists certified instructors teach our Family Biking Events. Topics include basic bike skills, rules of the road, effective communication, and proper equipment.  Drills and riding instruction will take place away from traffic and streets in a controlled environment so that new riders can focus on handling their bicycle and developing these needed skills.

We sometimes need adult volunteers to cycle with students during the neighborhood ride.  All participants must wear a helmet. Please register here and provide requested information. A representative from MCBC will email you additional event details.

We require a parent/guardian to ride with each registered student cyclist. Please bring a properly fitted bicycle in good working condition and a fitted helmet.

Family Biking Events are offered by the Marin County Bicycle Coalition and Safe Routes to Schools Marin.

If you would like to host a free Family Biking Event or have questions, please contact Lou Goodwin at