news ACME Bike Short Track Series Starts April 18

Marin’s only short track series kicks off on Wednesday, April 18!

The Acme Shorty is grassroots mountain biking at its best, offering a great experience for racers of all ages and skill levels. Races range from 3-6 laps of the 1 mile course, which includes dirt and paved climbs, bumpy singletrack, a tight switchback, and steep descents. Most racers complete their event in around 25 – 30 minutes, which makes for some short and fierce battles. Points are awarded for your finish place, with points from all six races tallied to declare the series’ winner in each category. The final race of the series is worth double points, and it is here that we have podium awards for the top 5 from each class.


The kids’ races give children a chance to strap on a number and show their stuff on a short and safe lap, all the while close enough to be seen and cheered by their parents. There is no charge for this race, and everyone gets a prize. The course is short, with no steep climbs or descents, suitable for any child that has a pedal bike and a good attitude. Please, no training wheels or tricycles. Not ideal, but possible on a “scoot bike”, with some additional “good attitude”.

Middle school races happen every other week, but racers are welcome to race in our 14 years old and under C class on the off weeks. The series coincides with the height of the NorCal high school racing series and provides an excellent intense midweek workout for local NICA racers. These young athletes are able to self-select for an appropriate category, with some doing very well in our fastest A category.

Adults will also find the right amount of challenge in our Women’s, C, B, and A race categories, with further 35 years and up divisions in C, B, and A.

Wednesday evenings, April 19-May 24, at McInnis Park in San Rafael. Sponsored by ACME Bikes.

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April 18-May 23, 2018, 5:00-7:30PM
April 18, May 2, May 16 – Include middle school race at 5:00pm
April 25, May 9, May 23 – Include free kids’ race at 5:00pm
All races include women’s, beginner (5:30 PM), sport/expert (6:00 PM), and pro (6:30 PM) classes

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