news Annie Leverich Joins MCBC Staff

Annie Leverich has joined the Marin County Bicycle Coalition staff as Membership and Volunteer Coordinator. She’s been riding bikes most of her life, but became more serious about riding after moving to Portland, OR four years ago. 

We had a chance to ask Annie a few questions about her background and what she enjoys most about cycling.

  • Name: Annie Leverich
  • Occupation: MCBC Membership and Volunteer Coordinator
  • Years Riding: Since I was a little tyke!
  • Most Frequently found riding: I’m new to Marin, so I’m still discovering routes and my favorite places to ride.

What bicycle do you like the best?

I like a bicycle that is versatile and can serve lots of purposes. My current bicycle is light enough to go for a long road ride, and hearty enough to go for a multi-day tour.

What part of your ride do you like the best?

I like waving to other cyclists and feeling like I’m part of a larger enjoyment of the outdoors.

What do you like best about the benefits of riding your bike?

I feel a sense of pride and accomplishment when I ride my bike, like, “Wow, I got from Point A to Point B using pure human energy!” Getting really strong calf muscles is cool, too.

What would you have liked someone to tell you when you started?

Never underestimate the importance of bicyclist-motorist communication and awareness when riding on roads with car traffic. Always ride defensively!

Where do you most like to ride your bike?

I love the expansive views around the Nicasio Reservoir. Also, I always get a special thrill riding over the Golden Gate Bridge into Marin.

Why would others like to ride in Marin?

Marin’s natural aesthetics are hard to beat. That combined with the bicycle enthusiasm this community holds makes Marin a beautiful and safe place to ride.

What is your favorite vision of the bicycling in the future?

Seeing cars and bikes in harmony, made possible by dedicated bike lanes and pathways and intentional education about car/bicycle communication. Seeing more people of all backgrounds enjoying their biking experience. And ideally, more bikes on the road than cars!

You’ll likely run into Annie at our events, or speak with her regarding membership or donations. Please join us in welcoming her to the MCBC staff and Marin County!

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