Cory's Ride in Action in Our Community Cory’s Ride and Next Generation Scholars Summer Academy Partnership

San Rafael, CA — Cory’s Ride is excited to provide an update on our latest initiative aimed at enriching students’ summer experiences. This summer, Cory’s Ride has joined forces with Next Generation Scholars’ Summer Academy to incorporate bicycling into the camp’s curriculum. The camp, which kicks off this week on the grounds of the Branson School, has enrolled over 80 enthusiastic students. Fourteen students, made up of 6th through 9th graders from Davidson Middle School and San Rafael High School, have joined the latest Cory’s Ride cohort. Read on to learn more about the Cory’s Ride and Next Generation Scholars Partnership.

Academic Enrichment

Next Generation Scholars, an educational nonprofit based in San Rafael, equips and empowers first-generation, under-resourced Marin County middle and high school students to succeed in college and beyond through socially conscious leadership development. The organization will provide structured learning sessions focusing on key subjects such as math, science, and language arts. The curriculum is designed to reinforce what students have learned during the school year while introducing new concepts in a fun and engaging way. Special emphasis is placed on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education, with hands-on projects and experiments to stimulate curiosity and critical thinking. “Kids can lose up to 40% of what they learned during the school year over summer break,” said Carlos Hernandez, recent Branson School graduate and now NGS summer camp instructor. “Our Summer Academy is designed to counteract this learning loss by keeping students engaged in educational activities throughout the summer.”kids learning how to change a bike tire - Cory's Ride Students and Next Generation Scholars Partnership

Cycling and Outdoor Skills

Cory’s Ride will lead the 14 students who elected to join through daily bike rides that traverse some of Marin County’s most scenic routes. These rides build physical endurance and teach valuable skills such as bike maintenance, navigation, and safety. The bike curriculum will also cover traffic rules, first aid, and environmental stewardship. Additionally, students will visit local parks and natural areas, encouraging them to develop a deeper appreciation for the environment.

Manuel Guevara, a recent Marin Academy High School graduate, and Cory’s Ride instructor, reflected on his own experiences: “Growing up, the bicycle was my vehicle for development and learning independence as a teen. The joy of cycling during the summers shaped who I am today, and I am thrilled to share that with the next generation.”

Life Skills and Personal Development

Using the power of the bike, Cory’s Ride aims to teach five key life lessons. These include the joy of bicycle riding and also taking responsibility through bike maintenance and riding safely, living a healthy lifestyle, and building friendships. Students build confidence and develop interpersonal skills through workshops on leadership, teamwork, and learning about a bicycle - Cory's Ride Students and Next Generation Scholars Partnership

Community Impact

The partnership between Cory’s Ride and Next Generation Scholars represents a significant investment in the community’s youth. By providing a well-rounded summer experience, the camp hopes to empower students to become active, engaged, and educated members of our community. This initiative is a testament to the generosity and support of our members, supporters, and donors.

Looking Ahead

We’re excited about the Cory’s Ride and Next Generation Scholars Partnership! As the camp progresses, organizers hope to expand the program in the coming years, potentially increasing enrollment and incorporating additional activities. The success of this inaugural camp could pave the way for more partnerships and opportunities that benefit local students. 

For these students, this summer promises to be one of growth, discovery, and fun, thanks to the combined efforts of Cory’s Ride and Next Generation Scholars. Thank you for your continued support and dedication to helping us empower the next generation. 


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