Cory's Ride in Action in Our Community Cory’s Ride Students Speak Up For Safety

On Wednesday evening, May 29, 2024, the Transportation Authority of Marin (TAM) held a pivotal workshop dedicated to the Multimodal and Local Access Improvement Project for Bellam Boulevard. Cory’s Ride students were there to speak up for safety in their community.  

The goal of the project is to reduce travel times between northbound US 101 and the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge while improving traffic flow and connectivity for all users of the Bellam Boulevard corridor. Currently, drivers must exit the freeway to access I-580, causing significant traffic congestion on Sir Francis Drake Boulevard in Larkspur and Bellam Boulevard in San Rafael. 

The workshop aimed to engage the community in identifying needs, usage patterns, and potential solutions for Bellam Blvd. It featured an informational presentation followed by small group discussions, allowing community members to voice their concerns and suggestions. Importantly, a Spanish-language workshop is planned for July 2024 to ensure broader community participation.

Cory's ride student interns (2) with map of Bellam Blvd.A highlight of the evening was the participation of two interns from Cory’s Ride, MCBC’s student bike club, which has made a significant impact since its inception in 2021. Cory’s Ride has provided over 200 bicycles to students across Marin County, with 100 of these bikes earned by students living in and around the Canal Neighborhood. The involvement of Cory’s Ride in this workshop underscores the importance of the Bellam Boulevard project to the local community, particularly for those who rely on bicycles for their daily commute.

The interns from Cory’s Ride spoke passionately about their experiences as bicyclists and pedestrians along Bellam Blvd. They shared insights into the challenges faced by cyclists in the area and discussed potential solutions that could enhance safety and accessibility for all users. Their contributions were a valuable addition to the workshop, providing a firsthand perspective on the importance of improving infrastructure for non-motorized users.

As the project progresses, TAM will continue to seek community input to ensure that the final plans meet the needs of all users. The Marin County Bicycle Coalition encourages all members to stay informed and participate in future workshops and discussions. Your voice is essential in shaping a more connected and accessible transportation network for Marin County.

Stay tuned for updates on the Multimodal and Local Access Improvement Project and other initiatives aimed at improving cycling infrastructure and safety in our community. Together, we can make Marin County a better place for bicyclists and all road users. Cory’s Ride students will be there to speak up for safer routes for people who walk and bike along Bellam Blvd.

Bellam Blvd Safety Study brochure with maps- Cory's Ride


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