Thank you, thank you, thank you! Marin Century Rest Stop MCBC Volunteer Shout Out!

MCBC hosted the Nicasio Valley Rest Stop during the Marin Century on Saturday August 6, 2016. More than 15 enthusiastic MCBC members and non-members showed up for a terrific volunteering turn out to encourage riders on this long-running Marin ride.

While MCBC is always looking forward and working to build a bike-friendly Marin, we also seek to unite people from diverse backgrounds and support local cyclists. Volunteering for events not only does something great for your community, it provides a perfect chance to meet other cyclists and MCBC member volunteers off the bike.

“Sharing bike-y and travel stories is great bonding,” said Christopher Losa. He and his wife, Elizabeth, made it a great afternoon by recruiting family and friends to help out at the rest stop.

“A great event! Nice cool day, lots of smiles and ‘Thank You’s!’ from riders,” Hilary Hyde agreed. She worked with Luta Duncan and “had a great time” and will “look forward to helping out again.”

Volunteering strengthens ties to our community, broadens your personal network by exposing you to people with common interests, and it’s just good-old-fashion fun.

Building camaraderie and community is only part of the fun. Dorothy McQuown says, “the other volunteers at the Marin Century are consistently fun to work with and the cyclists very appreciative of our efforts. The same is true when volunteering for bike parking at events.”

The next two chances to be a part of the MCBC Volunteer Team will be at the MCBC Dirt Fondo on August 28, 2016 or the Jensie Gran Fondo of Marin on September 24, 2016.

Thanks Again to the 2016 Nicasio Rest Stop Volunteers:

Joe Barton, Luta Dunca, Russ Young, Hilary Hyde, Debbie Rostenberg, Dorothy McQuown, Janis Luft, Rebecca Crandall, Angela Tomlinson, Christopher Losa, Elizabeth Losa, Cynthia Wood, Jay Wood and Dana Ewell.*

*If you volunteered and don’t see your name, please email Member & Volunteer Coordinator Jess Willard:

Photo taken by Joe Barton


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