MCBC Community More Bike Bell!

Our multi-use pathways and trails are enjoyed by walkers, hikers, families, equestrians, and fellow bicyclists. To promote safe and friendly interactions on these shared facilities, Marin County Bicycle Coalition will install a free bell on any bike without one.

Since 2012, we have distributed over 1,500 bike bells at trailheads and on pathways throughout the County in an effort to improve safety and friendliness on trails and multi-use pathways.

In 2020, we’re excited to be teaming up with NorCal High School Cycling League teams to ensure all student-athletes have bells on their bikes. We are installing Spurcycle Bells thanks to a discount offered by the local manufacturer and with support from Marin County Parks. MCBC volunteers will install the bells and will ask each recipient to pledge to uphold universal trail etiquette standards, including yielding to others, obeying speed rules, and announcing their presence.

why should you install a bike bell?

It takes 10 positive encounters to wipe out one negative encounter. Bike bells are an easy, friendly way to announce your presence and avoid startling others.


  • Ring your bell well in advance of passing others to avoid startling people.

  • Say “Howdy”, “Hi”, or “Hello” This is especially true when approaching horses, as they are comforted by the human voice.

To get your free bike bell installed, look for MCBC outposts at trailheads this summer or bring your bike to the MCBC office during business hours.

To learn more about our bike bell campaign, please contact Tom Boss, Off-Road & Events Director at 415-272-2756 or

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