Come and test your trail skills! Tails and Tires Workshop on Sunday, March 18

Trail Partners and the Presidio Riding Club are pleased to announce the 2018 Tails and Tires workshops. The workshop begins with a lesson on how horses think, with insights into their predator/prey nature. Participants learn to look for signs indicating a horse might be distressed – such as pinned back ears or the whites of a horse’s eyes clearly visible.

Of course, it’s always a two-way street.  Horse riders need to communicate in a respectful manner and should be aware that some people may be unfamiliar with, or even afraid of horses. After establishing these basics, volunteers demonstrated safe interactions between horses, bikers and hikers, and showed what might spook a horse. Following these controlled examples, everyone was encouraged to hop up on a horse to experience what it is like to ride something without brakes or handlebars.

Additionally participants learn basic trail courtesy and how 50% of Marin became pulci parkland and open space!

Participants will learn:

  • Horse psychology – how they see and react to approaching objects
  • How to safely pass a horse
  • Saddle time on a horse
  • Interactive bike/horse exercises on the trail
  • Lessons on basic trail etiquette
  • History of land conservation and resource protection
  • Riding tips and bike skills

Equestrians are welcome to bring their horses to desensitize them to bikes.

STUDENTS: The workshop is good for 3 hours of community service too!

WHEN: Sunday, March 18 from 9:30 AM –  12:00 NOON
WHERE: Presidio Riding Club Stables, 901 Bunker Road, Marin Headlands.

CLICK HERE to register, it’s free!

Any time you encounter an equestrian on the trail, three key actions begin the act of safely passing a horse:

– Announce your presence (by saying “hello!”)
– Slow down (and be prepared to stop) and
– communicate with the rider.

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