Marin eligible for over $100,000,000 in funding Vote YES on Prop 68: The Parks and Water Bond

This June, California voters will decide whether the state should continue investing in recreation, non-motorized transportation, natural resource and wildlife conservation, drought and flood protection, coastal preservation, clean water, and parks for disadvantaged neighborhoods. Funds from the $4 billion bond would also help Marin’s land managers accomplish numerous public access and restoration projects, such as the Marin Municipal Water District’s Azalea Hill Plan, which includes a new route for bicycles along the old Liberty Gulch road.


State and Local Parks, Greenways, and River Parkways

  • $290 million in funding for local parks
  • $30 million for trail and greenway investments
  • $25 million for recreational programs and parks in rural communities 
  • $725 million for the creation and expansion of parks in “park-poor neighborhoods”
  • $218 million in funding to “create, expand…and improve state parks and park facilities”

Ocean, Bay, and Coastal Protection

  • $20 million for coastal forests
  • $35 million for marine protected areas and sustainable fisheries
  • $5 million for coastal dune, wetlands, and estuary protection
  • $30 million for “lower cost coastal accommodation grants”
  • $75 million for California Ocean Protection Trust Fund

Climate Preparedness, Habitat Resiliency, Resource Enhancement, and Innovation

  • $443 million to various agencies including:
  • $48 million for wildlife corridors & open space (Wildlife Conservation Board)
  • $115 million for fishery and riparian restoration projects (Dept. of Fish and Wildlife)
  • $60 million for agricultural land conservation and stewardship (Dept. of Conservation)
  • $50 million for “for ecological restoration of forests” including urban forests (CalFire)

Join us and Vote YES on Prop 68 this June!

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