A Note From Outgoing Executive Director Jim Elias Passing the Baton

I’m delighted to welcome Tarrell Kullaway aboard as MCBC’s next Executive Director, effective July 1. I’ve enjoyed getting to know Tarrell a bit and couldn’t be happier to pass the baton to someone with her background and enthusiasm.

It’s been inspiring, demanding and a privilege to lead the organization over the past five years. At MCBC, we take our work personally. We feel genuine satisfaction when a completed project makes bicycling safer, or when a new trail is opened. We smile when we see happy kids embark on a lifetime of health and activity as they learn to ride. And we constantly ask ourselves what more must be done to deliver on our commitment to make bicycling in Marin safe, fun and accessible to everyone.

For decades, my bike has been a vehicle toward joy, utility, fitness and exploration. It’s where I’ve turned to think through things, or to simply de-stress. I’ll bet you can relate.

On a societal level, bikes represent more. Show me a bike-friendly community and I’ll show you one that’s human-scale, one that “feels right,” and one where parents want to raise their kids. I’ll show you a model for working our way out of the climate crisis we’ve managed to work our way into.

We can all take great pride in knowing that Marin would be a different place, and a less special one, without MCBC. It’s been an honor serving at the helm through recent times. I’ll look forward to supporting MCBC as it enters its next successful stage. I hope and trust you’ll do the same.

Warm regards,

Jim Elias
Executive Director
Marin County Bicycle Coalition

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