Learn the Rules - Reduce Ticket Fee Basic Street Skills Schedule Set for 2017

MCBC’s Basic Street Skills class can help you ride more safely and may be used to reduce the cost of a moving violation you may have received. Though the final class for this year took place, we’ll be starting right back up after the new year!  The next offering of the class will take place on January 5, 2017.

Check below this article for a list of other upcoming dates.

Cyclists are the most vulnerable users of public roads; this class will teach you how to ride and drive defensively and avoid road rage behaviors. These classes also allow bicycle traffic citation fee reduction through class attendance and are held multiple times per year in Marin County.

This interactive presentation will teach participants to safely and confidently use a bicycle for transportation in just two hours. Topics covered include how to avoid crashes and citations, improve visibility, ride through intersections, the legal rights and obligations of cyclists, and more. Drivers benefit from the class as well, by learning how and why bicycles maneuver on the roads.

A bicycle is not necessary for the class, unless you plan to ride one there!


The current Basic Street Skills class schedule can be seen below or in our Events Calendar.  You can register online for the Basic Street Skills class, or download a Basic Street Skills registration form in pdf format. (*NOTE: The Registration Form requires information you will receive after paying your citation fee.)  The class is also less expensive if you are an MCBC member.


RAHMAN LAW PC is a generous supporter of MCBC’s Share the Road education. Shaana A. Rahman is an accomplished civil trial attorney who handles personal injury cases in which someone has been hurt or killed in a collision or other accident. She intends to be available as a legal resource at as many Basic Street Skills classes as possible.


Basic Street Skills classes uniquely allow bicycle traffic infraction citation fee reduction through class attendance.

This partnership with Marin County Superior Court is the second of its kind in the Bay Area to provide bicycle education as a traffic court option. Cyclists that receive a citation/infraction on a bicycle that is a “California Vehicle Code violation” are permitted by the Marin County Court to attend a Basic Street Skills class to have their fees partially refunded.

Only bicyclists who plead guilty and forfeit their bail are eligible for attending the Basic Street Skills class to get their bail reduced.

How it works:

  • The Marin County Superior Court will refund a portion of the traffic infraction citation fee upon successful completion of the class (refunds depend on each defendant’s circumstances).
  • The amount of the fine must be paid in full before attending the Basic Street Skills class.
  • Cyclists that receive an off-road citation/infraction (any municipal code violation) are not eligible for a fee reduction unless the infraction is a “California Vehicle Code Violation”.
  • Please bring a copy of your citation to the class for inclusion on your Certificate of Attendance. Please read through the Traffic Citation Fee Reduction information.

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