Feedback Needed What Do Cal Park Hill Tunnel & Central Marin Ferry Connector Mean to You?

On any given week, the Marin Independent Journal‘s Dick Spotswood is likely to question the efficacy of bicycling as a practical mode of transport.

He was at it again recently when he questioned the most recent gap filled in our North-South Greenway:

Take the hundreds of millions of tax dollars spent pushing cycling as a practical means of commuting…

A prime Marin example is the new $13 million bike bridge across Sir Francis Drake Boulevard, by the Highway 101 interchange. Planners thought the span would be flooded by biking commuters gleefully forsaking their cars.

What we now mostly see is the occasional recreational cyclist or jogger. Nothing wrong with those folks, but the question remains, was the little-used bike bridge the best use of your taxes?

Ignoring the facts that the bridge 1) is utilized by people on bikes, especially before and after commute ferries, 2) does not have viable connections to the south (across Corte Madera Creek) or north (of Andersen Drive), and 3) was funded by regional and federal dollars set aside for active transportation projects that would have otherwise been spent on similar efforts elsewhere, we’d like to hear from you.

What do the Cal Park Hill Tunnel and Central Marin Ferry Connector mean to you? Maybe they help get you to your job in the City. They might have encouraged you to take up bicycling for recreation or transportation. You may have met the love of your life sitting at the bench dedicated to Deb Hubsmith!

Marin’s latest scenic backdrop brought to you by Marin County Bicycle Coalition!

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Please submit your stories (and relevant pictures, if you have them) to our Policy and Planning Director, Bjorn Griepenburg at We plan to use them for a letter to the IJMCBC article, and/or advocacy efforts.

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