Rider Alert: Horse Hill Path Closure Begins 10/18

horsehill_mapA much-awaited Caltrans resurfacing project will soon impact access through the Horse Hill Pathway which connects Casa Buena Drive/Meadowsweet Drive in Corte Madera with Lomita Drive in Mill Valley.  This much-used connector path will be repaired and resurfaced in the coming weeks. Unfortunately, this means that the pathway will be closed to all bicycle and pedestrian traffic starting Tuesday, October 18 and could remain closed through Monday, October 31.

Pedestrian & Bicycle Coordinator / Branch Chief of Caltrans District 4 Sergio Ruiz had stated that the path would be closed at most 10 days, but most likely less.

Given the lack of alternatives with similar “stress/comfort” levels for commuting riders and pedestrians, we advise all MCBC members and readers to evaluate options consistent with their riding abilities. This is one of the reasons why a revitalized Alto Tunnel would be beneficial to anyone seeking a direct route between Mill Valley and Corte Madera.

Only strong and confident riders are advised to take the alternate route via Camino Alto/Corte Madera Ave (A recent project did widen the pavement on the northbound climb, while southbound riders may find less vehicle traffic and an easier grade by taking the narrower Chapman Avenue to the summit).

Those looking to make alternate travel arrangements can use 511.org’s Trip Planner for Marin Transit route information. Marin Transit buses can accommodate up to three bikes.



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