Bike Commute Update: Miller Creek Road, Pacheco Hill Pathway Access Improved

The County of Marin recently put the finishing touches on the Miller Creek Road Class II Bike Lane Project, which provides paint-buffered bike lanes between Las Gallinas and Marinwood Avenues, along with new curb returns at each corner. As shown above, the northeastern corner includes improved access and egress between Miller Creek Rd. and the Pacheco Hill Pathway.

The project substantially improves safety for people walking by shortening crossing distances, slowing turning movements, and providing new crosswalks and pedestrian refuge areas.

For people biking, the paint-buffered bike lanes are highly visible. In the eastbound direction, the new striping makes it easier to access the Pacheco Hill Pathway. See below for before (left column) and after (right column) pictures of the eastbound approach to the intersection.






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