C'mon in and look around! Welcome to the New Marinbike.org!

While the bicycle is a proven, stable design, the same cannot be said for the internet.  Devices change, the needs of the visitor evolve… The very way we access information on a daily basis is quite different today. Although the old MCBC website hung in there for a long time, it held us back more often than not.

For the past few months, we’ve been rebuilding things from the ground up – making the site work better and faster while meeting the needs of our members and staff.  We are proud to introduce the new marinbike.org!

Change can be a bit confusing. Many of your old bookmarks will likely no longer go where they used to. In order to make this new site work well with current visitors, we’ve moved to a different platform, revamped content and shifted stuff around.

Here’s the good news:

Simple Navigation

Wherever you are on the new MCBC site, you can always click or tap on the MCBC in the upper part of every page. That will bring you back to the main page of the site, where you can see what’s new or use the menu. The menus at the top of the screen (or under the “stacked” menu if you are viewing through a mobile device or tablet) should always be there to guide you to your destination.

MCBC News PageDynamic Content

News stories or Articles are now served up to you – either by visiting the general NEWS feed or at the end of every article you finish.  On the general News page (just click on “NEWS” at the top menu), you’ll see Topic Tags – such as Road, Transportation, Off-Road – which will let you find more articles on that topic. We’ve been working to keep you up to date and now you’ll be able to find the articles! When you find them, it’s easy to share them out to Facebook or twitter.

MCBC New Calendar

A Better Calendar

The new searchable Calendar section (under “EVENTS” on the menu) will show you a list of what’s going on.  You can also switch to a traditional Calendar style view, if that helps. The new format lets us provide better contact information, maps, links and resources to you. The listings are also compatible with most common calendars.

It’s Responsive

If you don’t know what that is, it’s OK. Basically, it means that the website knows if you are looking at it from your phone, tablet or desktop computer, and will resize itself so that it looks good and works. Yes, that means you should not have to pinch everything down to see the page, then expand so you can actually tap a link. Those of us with small screens and somewhat broad digits are extremely happy about this.

All this means that you will be able to find what you want faster and we can let you know what’s going on more easily. We are looking forward to the next part of the MCBC Experience!


Here’s a Quick Checklist In Case You Receive an Error:

Did you type the URL?
You may have typed the address (URL) incorrectly. Check it to make sure you’ve got the exact right spelling, capitalization, etc. Again, those old super-long url’s you may have in your bookmarks are no longer current.

Did you follow a link from somewhere else at this site?
If you received an error page while trying to move from another part of MCBC marinbike.org site, please let the MCBC web team know what didn’t work. Thanks!

Did you reach an error page by clicking a link from another site?
Let us know, and we’ll contact the site with our updated info.

Other Issues?
If things on this site don’t seem to be working, it may be the MCBC site or it could be your browser. This site does require a reasonably current browser and operating system – so you might check your computer to make sure everything is up to date. We’ve tested this site with current and recent versions of Chrome, Safari and Firefox on the Apple OSX and Windows environment.  We have also tested on iOS and Android operating systems, you should be able to enjoy the new site on your phone and tablet.

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