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Making Marin a safer place for people who walk and bike will only happen with the support of people like you, our community, pitching in to amplify our collective voice. If you’d like to play a larger role as a community advocate in your community, please consider joining one of MCBC’s Local Teams.

In these Local Teams, community advocates learn how to speak up for better biking, meet like-minded neighbors, and show city leaders that people will show up to say “yes” to safer streets and improved mobility.

Below is a list of the current MCBC Local Teams you can join. If you don’t see one for your city/town, fill out this survey and we will contact you when a local team kicks off in your area. If you are interested in starting your own local team, click here to contact MCBC’s Local Teams Coordinator.

Bike Advocacy 101-Local Teams

Walk/Bike San Rafael Walk/Bike San Rafael

Walk/Bike San Rafael is made up of people from all parts of the city who want to be able to safely walk and bike around for fun and transportation. The current campaigns of the group are (1) traffic calming in downtown and (2) bicycle parking at the Sunday Marin Farmers Market. The group also hosts regular social rides for people of all ages. Click here to join.

Active Mill Valley Coalition

AMV is a coalition of local advocates working to build a bike-and pedestrian-friendly community in Mill Valley and surrounding areas. They are currently working on several advocacy projects, including a Mill Valley Ciclovia, an expansion of secure bicycle parking and bike lockers, and a series of local bike network improvements. Click here to join

Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge Advocacy Team is a group of advocates living on both sides of the bridge. The group is focused on improving safety and usability for all people biking across the bridge, whether they are commuters, recreational users, or tourists. Their work includes Alexander Avenue, which connects the bridge to Sausalito and is managed by the same transportation district. Click here to join.

Reopen Alto Tunnel

Alto Tunnel is a former railroad tunnel that passes through the ridge between Mill Valley and Corte Madera. Re-opening the tunnel for bike/pedestrian travel would connect the Mill Valley-Sausalito Pathway past Edna McGuire Elementary to Menke Park and Downtown Corte Madera. Here is a short video that describes the tunnel and its many benefits. Friends of Alto Tunnel is a group of advocates who have been working for years to make this happen. Click here to join.


A group of parents and advocates are working to start an MCBC Local Team in Novato. The group’s goals and initiatives are still being developed, but we plan to provide more details soon. To sign up for more information or get involved, click here!

Reimagine Mt. Tam

Join your Local Team working on the Reimagine Mt. Tam Initiative. Help get more single-track trails for bikes on Mt. Tam. Watershed Management Plan Azalea Hill UpdateWe have a once in a lifetime opportunity to advance a more inclusive trail system on the Mount Tamalpais Watershed while stewarding the land for future generations. Get reminders for upcoming Watershed Recreation Plan meetings, and keep up to date on rides and other off-road advocacy activities. Click here to join the Reimagine Mt. Tam Local Team and help us create a more inclusive trail system for all users.

Resource center

Bike Advocacy 101/102

MCBC has run several zoom trainings for people interested in learning more about bicycle advocacy. You can find those videos at the above playlist. 

Acronym Cheat Cheat

Local government can often be a real alphabet soup of confusing terms. We have created this handy cheat sheet to translate some of the acronyms and initialisms that you will come across in bike advocacy. 

Public Meeting Calendar

There are a lot of different public entities that have the power to improve bike access in Marin County. The list linked above provides the regular meeting schedule of every city/town council in Marin. As well, you’ll find other important public authorities’ meetings, along with a link to their agenda page.

MCBC Local Teams


We’re working to make Marin more bike-friendly for people of all ages and abilities. Are you with us?