Marin County Bicycle Parking

Add Bike Parking to Your Event

MCBC-staffed Valet Bicycle Parking shows your commitment to reducing vehicle use and making non-motorized transportation a priority.

It puts you clearly on the side of caring for the quality of life in Marin County – demonstrating a family and eco-friendly means of getting to your event. People arriving by bicycle enjoy easy access, rolling up near your entrance and having our Bike Valets carefully stow their precious ride. We ensure that bicycles parked at your event will be safe.

Valet bicycle parking safeguards patrons’ bicycles in one compact location. Without a special place for bicycle parking, people end up parking their bikes on sidewalks, locking them to sign-posts and other streetscape objects. In addition to being more visually appealing, consolidated bicycle parking prevents “trip and fall” accidents which may occur if a bicycle is left in the middle of a sidewalk.

MCBC promotes all events with Full Service Valet Bike Parking on our Events Calendar, through our e-news (10,000+ subscribers), and through our popular social media streams.


MCBC has a state-of-the-art/comprehensive bicycle parking system that’s been serving happy cyclists since 1999. Our system is visually appealing, easy to transport, and extremely functional. A variety of bikes can be secured in a corral: tandems, trailers, cargo bikes, and kick stands.

Please submit this form to provide us with an understanding of your event and bike parking needs. Once submitted, we will contact you to confirm operational details, availability, and a price quote. We ask for a month’s notice before the event so that we can adequately recruit the volunteers and/or staff who will be working the event.

Please note that requests submitted less than four weeks in advance will be subject to an additional fee to account for staff time. We serve a varied clientele and our service is flexible to accommodate a variety of needs and situations. Please complete as much information as possible so that we can better serve you.

We look forward to working with you!


To explore the possibilities for bicycle parking at your event and the services’ costs, contact Sandy at or call 415-456-3469.

Special thanks to our program sponsors: Spare the Air/Bay Area Air Quality Management, Marin Sanitary Service and Dolan Law Firm.

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