When the Road is Not Shared

As cyclists, we know we’re vulnerable, and have been reminded of that recently.

We’ve learned of a sharp increase in aggressive driving incidents targeting cyclists in West Marin. Typical reports involve high speed motorists intentionally steering directly toward riders, then swerving away at the last moment; a specific truck racing past, skidding to a halting stop, then spinning its wheels to kick dirt and gravel onto riders; plus clear attempts by drivers to force cyclists off the roadway.

MCBC wants to bring this to an end, now.

Step 1: Any time you are in an emergency situation, injured or need help, call 911.
Provide as many details as possible, including a description of the individuals involved, vehicle make and model, color, and license plate numbers.

But – and this is important – a 911 call does NOT translate into a record of the event.

Step 2: To create an actionable record, you must file a report, in person, with the California Highway Patrol, providing the same incident information. Photos and video records of the event are ideal.  You may also want to use your phone’s voice memo function immediately following the event to capture information that might be forgotten later.

Marin office of the California Highway Patrol
53 San Clemente Drive, Corte Madera

There are also offices in Rohnert Park and San Francsico
which can be found through the CHP site.

What you should not do, though, is confront the aggressive driver – if they’re willing to threaten your life with their car, who knows what else they might do?

The CHP tells us that unless they have physical evidence, which could include injury, damage, skid/tire marks, etc. or a third party witness, prosecution options remain limited. In lieu of that, the CHP needs a pattern of multiple similar events, with the same perpetrator(s), to bring charges forward.

Step 3: Help MCBC help you
by also reporting the incident with the MCBC Road Incident Report.

We’re compiling reports to uncover trends. From what we’ve heard this is a very small group of drivers systematically targeting cyclists. We want to help identify serial perpetrators, and press for legal enforcement.

Safety is priority number one for any ride. Help us advocate for your safety by joining other riders in reporting aggressive driving incidents to the CHP, and to MCBC.

Report Intentional Road Incidents/Harassment

After you have called 911 during the incident, then followed up with a report through the CHP Office, please share that information with us.