MCBC Sponsor Focus Marin Cyclists

Throughout Marin county and the greater bay area, businesses, organizations and individuals continue to recognize the key role that a person on a bicycle can play in improving our community. As a small “thank-you” for their enthusiasm for MCBC efforts, we will be highlighting a variety of key sponsors that play an integral role in supporting the MCBC Experience…

Marin Cyclists is a pro-cyclist organization that supports all things bike related!

About Marin Cyclists

Marin Cyclists Club was founded in 1963 by a small group of cycling enthusiasts led by Ken Potter. We are primarily a road cycling club but we also host the occasional mountain and gravel rides.

If you are looking for a fun group of people that know the Marin County roads, we are it. We have different level rides for different levels of experiences. Everyone is welcome to join us for a ride to see where they might best fit before joining the club.

The Marin Century

Mark your calendar, Marin Cyclists host the Marin Century ride August 1, 2020. This will be our 58th consecutive year and we are very excited about the developing plans. Our event is purely driven by volunteers and we pride ourselves in giving back to the community.

In 2019, we gave over $30,000 in donations to non-profits and various local schools who support cycling (road and mountain bike).

Why have we have chosen to support MCBC’s efforts?

We have chosen to support MCBC because of the policy work they support. Cyclists need a voice in our community and MCBC is there to help us when we cannot show up.

Thank you MCBC. We appreciate the policy work that you do.

Marin Cyclists club members ride because they love the cyclists life style.

Please check out and share our website with others in your community:

Facebook: @MarinCyclists
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LinkedIn: Marin Cyclists

Look for more profiles of supporting businesses and companies that are a key part of the MCBC Experience and sponsor our efforts to advance the common good of cycling for a better Marin.

Editor’s Note: These interviews represent the words and opinions of the featured sponsor. As such, the views expressed in this profile do not necessarily reflect the opinions or policies of the Marin County Bicycle Coalition.