MCBC Sponsor Focus Rahman Law: A Strong Resource for Cyclists

Throughout Marin county and the Bay Area, businesses, organizations and individuals continue to recognize the key role that a person on a bicycle can play in improving our community. As a small “thank-you” for their enthusiasm for MCBC efforts, we will be highlighting a variety of key sponsors that play an integral role in supporting the MCBC Experience…

Rahman Law PC has been supporting all local bicycle coalitions for over a decade by sponsoring events, helping with advocacy work, and being a legal resource for bicycle coalition members (they actually love giving free advice to the cycling community!).   They have even been known to sponsor women’s racing teams.  More than that, the people in Rahman Law offices ride bikes…and love it! Bike law is also their business and because they are devoted to the community, bicyclists make up about 75% of their clients.  

We had an opportunity to ask Rahman Law a little more about how cycling, bikes and riders fit into their operation.

How does your business benefit from bicyclists?

Our business provides professional legal services to the bicycling community. We understand the unique needs of cyclists when representing them in legal matters and tailor our extensive legal knowledge to do so. We benefit from bicyclists by serving them in a meaningful and caring way, showing them they have an ally in the legal community.

What should bicycle riders know about your business?

We fight really, really hard for our clients and we know about litigating cases involving 2-wheelers.  That’s not just our perception—that’s what the attorneys on the other side of our cases say about us. We also give out lots of free advice to cyclists and readily tell riders if they actually don’t need a lawyer and can handle a case on their own.

Also, Rahman Law is proud to be a woman and minority owned business, not only devoted to the cycling community, but also devoted to creating space for more minority identified people in the legal world. The owner of the firm, Shaana Rahman, is a leader in the San Francisco legal community and has successfully spearheaded many efforts to increase the diversity of representation in the law.

Shaana Rahman sits on the Board of Directors for Walk San Francisco, a pedestrian advocacy group, the San Francisco Trial Lawyers Association, and the Central Coast Olive Growers Association.  

Rahman Law has offices in San Francisco and Paso Robles.

Are there any specific MCBC projects or programs which particularly resonate for you and your organization?

We have been very fortunate to be able to be a sponsor of both the Basic Street Skills Classes and Bike to Work Day for many years.  Both of these programs are fundamentally about educating the biking and non-biking public about sharing the roads, safety and the laws.  MCBC’s education on this front has led to a healthier and happier community and has encouraged folks to get out on the road and ride.

Think about why you chose to support MCBC efforts – what strategic goals or long-term vision ideals are most important to you?

Meeting Tom Boss and hearing his passion for the organization spurred our initial sponsorship. Since then, it has been amazing to see the progress MCBC has made in just the last ten years. Simply put, MCBC’s work has led to safer infrastructure for riding. This is 100% in alignment with our vision of a more bike and pedestrian friendly community.

What is the most exciting aspect of your operation that you want people to know about?

We love our clients. We screen and choose them extremely carefully to make sure we are a match. This means every day we interact with people we truly care about. Representing folks who get injured means we have to understand and empathize what they are going through.  Each member of our staff is trained to do just that. Our clients are our priority.

Since we are trial lawyers, we get excited about fighting big corporations, like insurance companies to get our clients the justice the civil system allows.  

Are there any last words or final thoughts which you would like to share?
MCBC rocks it.  And we thank them for letting us come along for the ride.

Thanks again, Rahman Law! 

Look for more profiles of supporting businesses and companies that are a key part of the MCBC Experience and sponsor our efforts to advance the common good of cycling for a better Marin.

Editor’s Note: These interviews represent the words and opinions of the featured sponsor. As such, the views expressed in this profile do not necessarily reflect the opinions or policies of the Marin County Bicycle Coalition.