Smart Cycling Traffic Citation Fee Reduction

Take MCBC’s Smart Cycling class for a traffic citation fee reduction if you received a ticket while riding your bike in Marin.

If you have received a moving violation or other “California Vehicle Code Violation” from a sheriff or police officer in Marin County, you may be eligible to have a portion of that citation fee reimbursed. Please note that officers in the field may not describe the program in this manner – however, these are the steps you need to follow.

Bicyclist riding in 2-way bike lane

How To Reduce Your Fine

  1. At the time of the infraction, you should be given a citation by the officer.  This will have a number on it and description of the conditions involved in your infraction.
  2. In the days following, you should receive a notice of your citation in the mail from the Marin County Superior Court.  This is called a “Courtesy Notice.”
  3. Upon receipt of the mailed citation “Courtesy Notice” from the Marin County Superior Court, pay your fine in full. 
  4. You must pay your full fine before attending class.
  5. Keep track of all paperwork you receive.

Note: Only bicyclists who plead guilty and forfeit their bail in this manner are eligible to get their bail reduced and reimbursed by attending the Smart Cycling class. Payment can be made in person by visiting the Civic Center’s Room C-10 or Traffic Court. You can also mail in or pay your full fine online by the due date on the notice. Read through all Courtesy Notice instructions, as these may change.

You have two options

  1. Attend a Smart Cycling (formerly Basic Street Skills) class to have your fee reduced and partially reimbursed.
  2. Contest your traffic citation in court.

If you plan to attend a Smart Cycling class to reduce your fine, you MUST indicate this when paying your full fine. Retain copies of all citation-related documents that you submit.

If you wish to contest your traffic citation, you can do so by first setting a trial date at the traffic counter. If the judge finds you guilty of the infraction, you are not eligible to attend the class to reduce your fine.

What Happens At the Class

Attend a Smart Cycling class (check our Smart Cycling page for upcoming classes), currently offered on Zoom.  MCBC will provide your citation and case number after you complete the class. The Court will then process of your partial fine reimbursement.

Please also note:

  • A bicycle traffic infraction fine will be reduced to $50 after attendance of a complete Smart Cycling class.
  • Traffic infraction recipients have 120 days after the court appearance date shown on their citation Courtesy Notice to attend a Smart Cycling class to qualify for fine reduction. If you choose to contest your fine in Traffic Court you are not eligible to attend the class to reduce your fine.
  • You are only allowed to attend the Smart Cycling class once in an 18 month period to get a fee reduction on a single citation.
  • Multiple tickets cannot be reduced; a single ticket out of a group can.
  • Fee reimbursements can take 60-90 days to be fully processed.
  • A bicycle citation does not result in points on your driving record, whether the infraction was a moving violation or not.

MCBC Cannot Answer Questions Regarding the Status of Your Fine or Refund

If you have any questions regarding the processing of your fine and/or refund, please contact the Superior Court directly.

They can be reached:

  • by telephone at (415) 444-7180 from 9 AM to 2 PM, Monday through Friday
  • in person at the Marin County Civic Center, 3501 Civic Center Drive, San Rafael, Room C-10 from 9 AM to 2 PM, Monday thru Friday
  • online at