Off-Road MCBC Trail Stewards

Volunteer days (click link to register)

Saturday, April 6th – Liberty Gulch Trail on Azalea Hill (click here to register)

Since its inception in 2012, MCBC’s Off-Road Program has remained equally focused on three objectives: Education, Environmental Stewardship, and Expanded Access. Our new Trail Stewards Initiative lies at the heart of the program, increasing our capacity to build and maintain sustainable trails and mitigate impacts on the environment with a well-trained volunteer force.

MCBC is training and deploying a leadership corps of trail stewards to care for Marin’s trails and natural habitats, while also recruiting and educating young mountain bikers (and others) to join the effort. MCBC will buy equipment, recruit and train a lead corps of 10-15 volunteers, and coordinate and enable this corps to then train and deploy 150 first-time volunteers.

To build this program on best practices, MCBC is working with leaders from several other trail steward programs to develop curriculum and provide direction as we prepare for new trail opportunities in Marin County.

Azalea Hill Trail Restoration Project Volunteer Day - MCBC Trail Stewards

Trail stewards goals

  • Train the next generation of trail crew leaders

  • Recruit community members to give back to the open space lands we share and love

  • Build bridges between the mountain biking and conservation communities

  • Strengthen trust and working relationships with Marin’s land managers

Traditional Territory of the Coast Miwok

As you enjoy the trails in Marin, please remember that you are riding within the traditional territory of the Coast Miwok, many of whom are now citizens of the Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria. Please help us acknowledge the Tribe and their continuing legacy as caretakers of their ancestral territory, and do your part to not disrupt the landscape by staying on the trail.

Measuring success

Total Volunteer Hours: 2,268

Number of Volunteers Trained: 421

Dollar value* of service: $72122.40

Thanks to our sponsors!

* We use the independent sector national values which is currently averaged at $31.80 per hour.