MCBC Community Meet Chris Reed, MCBC’s newest board member

MCBC is delighted to welcome Chris Reed, Owner/Partner of Studio Velo, to our Board of Directors. We recently sat down with Chris to hear more about his bicycling background and vision for cycling in Marin.

MCBC: How were you introduced to bicycling?
CR: One of my earliest memories is riding a bike. Ever since then, many of my favorite moments in my life have happened on a bike. I started early and never looked back.

MCBC: What motivates you to ride?
CR: I ride a bike for so many reasons. It makes me happy, keeps me healthy and helps provide a little balance in my life. So many of my good friends share the same passion for riding, and it’s a big part of my family life as well.

MCBC: When are we most likely to find you riding?
CR: Before work most days, and at any point on a “day off.”

MCBC: Why would others like to ride in Marin?
CR: We have access to some of the best riding in the world. Having mountains colliding with the ocean, ridges that offer views for miles and roads and trails to throughout the incredible landscape is truly world-class. And the ability to ride year-round makes it even more appealing.

MCBC: What would you most like to improve about riding in Marin?
CR: I would love to see more trails opened up for mountain bike use and I’d like to see the roads continue to get safer for cyclists.

MCBC: Is there’s a message or advice you would like to share to inspire others to ride a bicycle, what would that be?
CR: One of the biggest assets we have in Marin County is our access to incredible outdoor spaces. There’s no better way to see it than on a bike. And there’s a great community of cyclists to plug in to as well.

MCBC: Why did you decide to become involved with MCBC?
CR: Over the last 4 years, I have had the opportunity to work with MCBC from the outside, helping create events that benefit the organization and act as an unofficial ambassador. Seeing everything they have been able to achieve during that time has really given me a greater appreciation for the organization and has inspired me to find other ways I can contribute. When the position on the board became available I jumped at the opportunity. I am super excited to join such a talented and motivated team and can’t wait to do my part.

MCBC: What are some of your favorite projects or initiatives that MCBC has/is working on?
CR: I love the concept of connecting open spaces with trail access. It opens up so many ride options that didn’t previously exist. And, recently becoming a parent, I think the Safe Routes to School work will become even more important to me personally.

MCBC: What is your vision for MCBC? Where do you see the potential for growth?
CR: I think there are so many areas for potential growth, but what I really want to see is a strengthening of the connection between MCBC and the community. Not just the cycling community, but community in the broader sense. There is so much that can be done with all of the amazing trails, and the roads we have right out our door.

MCBC: What’s your pie-in-the-sky dream for Marin’s bicycling future?
CR: I would love to see cycling embraced by everyone, including non-cyclists, to a degree that really helps overcome the user group conflicts we occasionally see on the trails and the negative interactions we occasionally see between motorists and cyclists on the road. This will take work and education on the part of all parties, but I think we can get there. I would also love to see the next generation of cyclists, coming through the high school mountain bike leagues now, learning to be great trail stewards, working within the community and working with trail builders, to improve the trails for all users.

“I would love to see cycling embraced by everyone, including non-cyclists, to a degree that really helps overcome the user group conflicts we occasionally see on the trails and the negative interactions we occasionally see between motorists and cyclists on the road.”

MCBC: Tell us about your shop. What should MCBC members know about Studio Velo?
CR: Studio Velo has worked closely with MCBC for over a decade. We’ve partnered with the organization on many fundraiser events, including the Jensie Gran Fondo, Turkey Hold’Em, the Wæffle Raffle, the Dirt Fondo, and many others. We believe in what MCBC is doing and we are committed to helping MCBC succeed while working hard to grow and improve our own business. Over the last 15 years, we have been building and contributing to the cycling community here in Marin. We host weekly rides, organize clinics, lead trips and constantly engage with our clients outside of our four walls and outside of our shop hours. It’s who we are. It’s what we love. Our goal is to create a great experience for anyone who walks through our doors, comes out for one of our shop rides, or joins us on a trip. We want to get people excited about riding bikes and excited about the riding we have right out our door. It’s no coincidence that we chose the base of Mt Tam for our location. We have access to some of the best road, mountain, and gravel riding right out our door. And that is all the more reason for us to continue to support the efforts of MCBC.

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