Off-Road Reimagine Mt. Tam

We have a once in a lifetime opportunity to advance a more inclusive trail system on the Mt. Tam Watershed while stewarding the land for future generations.

Reimagine Mt. Tam

Mt. Tam is considered the birthplace of mountain biking for good reason. It has over 100 miles of single-track trails that have been enjoyed by recreationalists for close to a century. This incredible resource, right in our backyard, has 22,000 acres of land, and hundreds of miles of existing roads and trails. However, off-road cycling is restricted to the watershed fire roads.

The time has come to make trails on Mt. Tam available to off-road bikers, and to meet the needs and recreational interests of generations to come. We have an avenue to make this a reality.

UPDATE: February 29, 2024 – We did it!

Last night the MMWD Watershed Committee received a presentation of the draft Watershed Recreation Management Planning Feasibility Study, and there’s much to like in the Strategic Opportunities. They include:

  – Trial access to certain SINGLE TRACK TRAILS ON MT. TAM so that we can study the impact of our use

– An update to the RTMP (Road and Trail Management Plan) to evaluate bike trail designation as part of the trail classification system and integrate modern trail standards and building techniques

– An evaluation of an e-bike Class I pilot program

– A Trail Ambassador volunteer training program

– A Wildlife Docent and Ambassador program

– Watershed Signage Updates

– Watershed Accessibility (for mobility-challenged visitors and underserved communities)

– Early Detection Rapid Response Invasive Plant Management

A pilot study will allow for a selection of trails to be open to bikes under certain conditions and would use existing trails that have the best chance of success.

An update to the Road and Trail Management Plan (RTMP) will build and improve on the pilot study and visualize a more inclusive trail network to support better connectivity, new loops, and rewarding trail experiences for people on bikes.


The time is now to reimagine Mt. Tam


The Mt. Tamalpais watershed is open to the public for recreation, including bicycling, hiking and horseback riding. In an effort to support the diverse range of visitors coming to the watershed and to help protect water quality and natural resources, MMWD is initiating a recreation management planning process.

You need to be part of this process if you care about bicycle access on Mt. Tam! Here’s how to get involved:


With you on our team, we will be able to stay engaged with the process from start to finish. Help us advocate for a bike-friendly framework while managing recreation and (importantly) protecting the environment and biodiversity of the hundred-year-old watershed.

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View our list of desired conditions and what we’d like the Plan to address. Access the complete schedule of meetings and workshops here.

Learn more about the MMWD Watershed Recreation Management Plan and take the survey to help inform their work.


We need your support to ensure a bike-friendly Plan. MCBC invested an abundance of time and resources into the creation of the Marin Open Space Road and Trail Management Plan. Since its adoption in 2014, a number of new trail experiences for people on bikes emerged. With your support we can ensure a similar result with the Watershed Rec Plan. Please give to the Off-Road Program here.

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