SR2S Director Honored Gwen Froh Wins “Vision Into Action” Award

At the recent Marin School of Environmental Leadership’s Business Leader’s Mixer, jointly hosted by San Rafael’s Chamber of Commerce, Safe Routes to School Program Director Gwen Froh received the 2017 “Vision to Action” (VIA) Award. This honor acknowledged Gwen’s years of dedicated service to Marin’s youth through Safe Routes to Schools.

The VIA Award is presented each year to an outstanding community member who enacts change to improve and promote sustainable ventures in the region.

MarinSEL honored Gwen for her commitment to environmental education and encouraging green transportation at schools throughout Marin. She works directly with students in middle and high schools to educate and empower school communities to take action in reducing carbon emissions and increasing physical activity.

MCBC Executive Director Jim Elias said “We’re so fortunate to have Gwen leading the Safe Routes team. She brings talent and dedication to her job everyday, as the program’s success demonstrates.”

Gwen has been a dedicated Leadership in Environmental Action Development (LEAD) project partner since 2012, providing excellent guidance and mentorship to freshman and sophomore students through meaningful community projects. One of Gwen’s LEAD project student groups successfully launched a new bus route through Marin Transit to give students at Terra Linda High School (TLHS) with a zero period alternative transportation option.

(in photo, l-r) Bill Whitney, Principal Project Manager with the Transportation Authority of Marin; Gwen Froh, 2017 VIA Award winner and Safe Routes to Schools Director; Jim Elias, MCBC Executive Director

During the Fall of 2015, her student group worked to raise awareness on public transportation and make alternative forms of transportation more readily accessible to the TLHS community. Her passion to work with students and her expertise on green modes of transportation, has made her an excellent group leader and role model to all MarinSEL students.

Gwen said, “it is such an honor to work with intelligent and motivated students committed to taking environmental action. They provide such hope and inspiration for our collective future.”

“It’s about building relationships and teamwork. Through collaboration, we bring together law enforcement, Public Works, city councils, school administration, teachers, students and an extensive number of parent volunteers.  All for the common goal of providing children with the access to healthy and safe transportation to and from school  and into their community.  It’s about building relationships and teamwork.”

The VIA Award is voted on entirely by students and staff of the Marin School of Environmental Leadership. Nominees include local business and environmental leaders whose work demonstrates commitment and innovation toward environmental issues.

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