Helping to Improve the Corridor for Everyone Lansdale Solutions Public Forum, March 24

MCBC Partners with Lansdale Residents for Corridor Improvements

A neighborhood meeting to discuss how to make this important community corridor safe and user-friendly for all

Users on Lansdale between San Anselmo and Faifax

Lansdale Avenue between Fairfax and San Anselmo is beautiful to behold most days, with people on foot and bike happily sharing the slow-paced corridor with neighbors and automobiles. But the sense of safety and enjoyment quickly disappears when bicyclists and drivers go too fast, run through stop signs and/or fail to yield, or when pedestrians are unaware of their surroundings and block the travel lanes.

It is time to look at what can be done in the short, medium and long term, while celebrating the street we all love. Be part of the conversation as we create a vision to establish a corridor that provides everyone with the experience of safety, comfort and access they desire.

As a first step, a public forum is planned for March 24 in Fairfax.

WHAT: Public conversation about ideas for improvements to Lansdale Avenue
WHEN: Thursday, March 24, 7 PM
WHERE: Fairfax Women’s Club – 46 Park Road, Fairfax, CA


At this forum, hosted by MCBC in partnership with the Lansdale neighborhood, participants will share ideas on how to improve safety and promote respect along the Lansdale corridor. All are welcome and encouraged to participate.


– Lansdale has heavy pedestrian traffic, including children, seniors and families
– Pedestrians and bicyclists have no protection or buffer from automobile traffic
– Much of the street is essentially a one lane road for two-way traffic
– People in cars and on bikes often go too fast for the conditions
– People in cars and on bikes do not always stop at stop signs
– Exiting side streets is difficult because of visibility
– Through traffic is at risk when they don’t stop at the stop signs
– Heavy parking along the street, especially during events, exacerbates safety and congestion concerns

Potential Solutions

– Outreach campaign focused on safely sharing the street
– Paint and signage to emphasize safety and to promote respect and awareness
– Parking improvements
– Adding bike lanes on Center Blvd
– Raised and colored intersections to slow people down and increase awareness
– Structural traffic calming measures


To learn more about this and future events, and other ways to participate, click here.

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