MCBC Sponsor Profile Marin Sanitary Service: Doing Their Part for Bicyclists & the Environment

MCBC continues to thrive thanks to support from our outstanding sponsors, who share our values and believe that bicycling should be safe, fun, and accessible. Over the coming months, we’ll highlight our business sponsors and encourage you to support those who support MCBC.

Marin Sanitary Service (MSS) is central Marin’s resource hauler providing curbside recycling, organics, and garbage service to residential and commercial businesses. With a recycling rate of 75%, MSS is a forerunner in their industry with a mission to protect the environment and goals of greenhouse gas reductions.

With so many trucks on the road every morning, MSS holds safety as one of its highest priorities. All drivers are trained on proper biking procedures and courtesy to ensure biker and driver safety. In addition, their commitment in environmental stewardship and safety extends beyond their day-to-day operations and into their employees lives.

In partnership with the Bay Area Commuter Benefits Program, MSS encourages all employees to use alternative modes of transportation for commuting. They also provide secure, indoor bike parking for all employees who choose to bike to work, along with incentives and rewards for those who participate. Together, Marin Sanitary Service and their employees are working hard to support and promote safe biking for our community and workforce.

MCBC appreciates Marin Sanitary Service’s generous and long-running support.

Do you want to join Marin Sanitary Service in supporting MCBC? Check out our sponsorship package and email Tom Boss (

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