News MCBC Joins Coalition Asking Bay Area Leaders to Make a Transformative Investment in Active Transportation

This October, Marin County Bicycle Coalition joined 32 organizations sent a letter outlining a transformational regional strategy for active transportation and micromobility to decision makers throughout the Bay Area. Over the past several months, we came together with hundreds of organizations, businesses, and individuals to help develop this road map for investment.

As Bay Area decision makers consider investment in transportation in the Bay Area, potentially including a region-wide transportation revenue measure, these organizations are asking that the priorities, projects, programs, and policies in the attached strategy letter receive priority.

The Bay Area is second only to the Los Angeles Metro area in traffic congestion. Each auto commuter spends an extra 100 plus hours in traffic each year costing individuals, businesses and governments countless lost hours, opportunities and dollars. Our region is expected to add 2 Million residents in the next 20 years, exacerbating the need to add sustainable transportation capacity as quickly as possible.

The organizations coming together to advance this strategy believe that transformational investment in people-first mobility over the next decade will result in a sustainable and equitable transportation system for the Bay Area. The goal of this strategic investment is that active modes including walking and biking make up 20% of trips by 2030.

With this suite of transformational investments, we could shift more than 500,000 daily commute trips to walking, biking and scooting trips at peak hours. If e-bikes comprise 200,000 of these trips at 9 miles (the average distance of an e-bike trip that replaces a car trip) and 300,000 are non-electric at 3 miles, then Bay Area roadways would see a reduction of 2.7 million vehicle miles traveled, per day. Annually, this represents a decrease of 702 billion miles traveled, which translates into a reduction of 625 billion pounds of CO2 emitted each year (or over 300,000,000 tons).

The list of organizations who signed onto the framework are listed below:

Albany Strollers & Rollers
Bay Area Ridge Trail Council
Bike Concord
Bike East Bay
Bike Fremont
Bike Menlo Park
Bike Walk Alameda
Bikes Make Life Better
California Bicycle Coalition
Friends of Alto Tunnel
Friends of SMART
Greenbelt Alliance
Marin County Bicycle Coalition
Nancy Buffum Art
Napa County Bicycle Coalition
Office of Mayor Tom Butt (Richmond, CA)
Rails-to-Trails Conservancy
Safe Routes Partnership
San Carlos Bikes
San Francisco Bicycle Coalition
Scoop Technologies, Inc.
Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition
Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition
Tony, President of Almaden Cycling Touring Club
TRAC, Trails for Richmond Action Committee
Winter Consulting Group

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