Road Condition Update Mudslides Close Bolinas-Fairfax Road

Bolinas-Fairfax Road Damage - March 2016On Tuesday, March 15, 2016, the Marin County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that Bolinas-Fairfax Road has been closed to all traffic due to multiple mudslides caused by this past weekend’s rain. This closure includes bicycles, as crews will be working with heavy equipment to remove debris and confirm that hillside conditions are safe. There is no estimate as to when conditions will allow the roadway to be opened.

This means that the ENTIRE length of Bolinas-Fairfax Road is closed from the Meadow Club gate to Highway One. That means all traffic on West Ridgecrest (“Seven Sisters” Classic Marin Route) attempting to use BoFax will be turned around. There is no paved through route to the coast.

MCBC reminds all members to let the removal and survey teams operate without interruption – please seek other routes and spread the word to your riding clubs and partners.

Further reports indicate that there are two sections of the road which are sliding downhill and may need significant work, possibly including a 100 ft long retaining wall.

Work supervisors hope to open the section between to West Ridgecrest and Highway One should reopen sooner – as early as next week. The Alpine Dam side of BoFax will be closed for weeks, with no specific estimate available.  Look for updates here or on the MCBC Facebook page or @marinbike on twitter.

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