Pedestrian Pedestrian Killed on SMART Pathway Gap

It is our sad duty to report on another pedestrian death in the City of San Rafael. Douglas Emigido Mejia-Vicente, 43, was hit by a car and killed sometime early Sunday morning, August 8th, on Merrydale Road just south of North San Pedro Road. The driver fled the scene and police are asking the public for tips, though no description of the vehicle has been released.

While there are many dangerous streets in Marin County, this one was already on our radar as the crash site is a gap in the SMART Pathway. The completed, existing pathway ends at the top of Puerto Suello Hill and picks up again approximately ¼ mile north on Los Ranchitos Road. As reported in the Summer Road Program Update (see “SMART San Rafael Connection”), MCBC’s advocacy led to a $50,000 feasibility study of an off-street pathway to close the gap. This study is now underway and results are expected later this fall.

Aerial view of proposed San Rafael Connection

As currently configured, despite being considered a completed segment of the SMART pathway, Merrydale Road has no path, no bike lanes, and a sidewalk on one side for only part of the street’s length. In the past 5 years, there have been three reported injury crashes involving bicycles on this 1,000’ segment of road, a very high rate. 

Streetview of Merrydale Road

Though our organization’s mission is to advocate for the safety and convenience of bicyclists, we are deeply concerned about the wellbeing of pedestrians in our cities as well. Evidence shows that places that are safe for pedestrians are safe for people riding bikes, and vice versa. This is why we support efforts to eliminate traffic deaths for all road users, especially vulnerable ones such as bikers and pedestrians.

To support making our streets safer, you can send an email to the San Rafael City Council, the SMART Board of Directors, or Damon Connolly, the supervisor for this district.

members make it happen

We’re working to make Marin more bike-friendly for people of all ages and abilities. Are you with us?

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