news Voters Approve New Funding for Transportation, Parks

MCBC was pleased to see both of our endorsed ballot measures passed by Bay Area and California voters, creating new funding opportunities to help improve and expand our pathways, trails, parks, and connections to transit.

The result signals Marin’s overwhelming support for better transportation options, as well as improved access to and protection of our parks and open spaces.

Regional Measure 3

Marin: 60.5 percent | Bay Area: 55 percent

Regional Measure 3 (RM3) is a $3 toll increase on the region’s seven state-owned toll bridges (the increase applies to Richmond-San Rafael Bridge, but not Golden Gate Bridge). The additional toll revenues will be used to finance $4.5 billion in highway, transit, and bike/ped improvements in the toll bridge corridors and their approach routes.

Included in the expenditure plan is $150 million for Safe Routes to Transit / Bay Trail projects, as well as $100 million for access improvements to North Bay transit. Likely bike/ped project candidates are those that will improve safe access to the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge and/or major transit hubs.

Proposition 68

Marin: 74 percent | California: 57 percent 

Proposition 68 – the parks and water bond – authorizes $4 billion for state and local parks, natural habitat conservation and restoration, and clean water protection.

It includes $30 million for trails and greenways, and expands access to parks and outdoor recreation. Bond funds will help Marin’s land managers accomplish public access and restoration projects.

Next Steps

As always, MCBC will track these new funding opportunities closely and work with local partners to ensure that our priority projects are pursued.

There will be two important funding-related items on the November ballot. Earlier this week, it was announced that a ballot proposition to repeal the state gas tax increase will be on the ballot; a repeal would have major implications for transportation funding (including the loss of $100m annually for bike/ped projects). Locally, Transportation Authority of Marin will seek to reauthorize Measure A, the County’s 20-year transportation sales tax.

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