News Your Opinion Needed on MV-Sausalito Pathway’s Future

One Tam last week released three conceptual proposals to elevate and/or relocate the Mill Valley-Sausalito Pathway as early as 2025 to address its vulnerability to flooding and sea level rise–now they want to hear from you on the popular pathway’s future!

Each proposal is designed to protect and enhance the pathway and adjacent 106-acre Bothin Marsh under the ever-growing threat of sea level rise. Two would elevate it in its current footprint (though with different structure types), while the third would relocate it along the outskirts of Bothin Marsh, bringing it closer to Tam Junction. All three would substantially widen the pathway to provide separate, dedicated spaces for people on foot and bike.

The pathway currently floods at least 30 times each year, the frequency and severity of which will continue to increase under sea level rise. Photo: One Tam

Breaking Down the Alternatives

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Concepts 1 and 2 would provide the same views and riding experience you find on the pathway today. Concept 1 elevates the pathway in place by building up the existing embankment, while Concept 2 would use an elevated causeway.

Concept 3 presents the most significant potential change, as it would move the pathway to the western edge of Bothin Marsh. This would add roughly one-quarter mile to the journey and lose the unique experience of riding through the heart of the marsh and bay. We find Concept 3 intriguing, however, for its potential to create better connectivity with Tam Junction and enable continued use of the existing pathway during construction.

To learn more about each of the concepts and share your opinion on the future of the Mill Valley-Sausalito Pathway, take One Tam’s survey here.

To share your thoughts directly with MCBC, contact Bjorn Griepenburg, Policy & Planning Director.

next steps

Following the survey, One Tam will continue to refine the conceptual designs. They plan to move forward with environmental review in 2021-22, pick a preferred alternative and finalize the design in 2023-24, and move toward implementation (pending funding) starting in 2025.

Marin County Parks, meanwhile, plans to repave the remainder of the pathway (from Almonte to Sausalito) in early 2021 (pending permits).

MCBC is grateful to all agencies and elected officials involved for recognizing this beloved pathway’s role as an essential bicycle/pedestrian connection and taking steps toward ensuring its near and long-term viability.

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