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Bay Area Bicycle Law is a Northern California-based law firm exclusively representing cyclists. They have been helping injured cyclists since 2010 and understand how to investigate, prepare, and litigate bicycle accident cases. Bay Area Bicycle Law is a proud sponsor and supporter of MCBC. Read on to learn more about Bay Area Bicycle Law.

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Is there anything about your business that is uniquely cycling-related? 

Yes! For the last ten years, we’ve been the premier Bay Area law firm concentrating on helping injured cyclists. We’ve helped over a thousand cyclists with bicycle crashes ranging from doorings, to right hooks, to defective bicycles, to road rage. We sponsor numerous bicycle coalitions and bicycle clubs in the Bay Area as well.

How does your business benefit from bicyclists?

There often is enormous bias against cyclists among police departments, insurance companies, and, unfortunately, even in courts. Often cyclists are concussed and unable to adequately provide their side of the story to the police following a crash, who then often make a snap decision that the cyclist is to blame and/or that the cyclist’s injuries aren’t severe. This starts a chain reaction that can cause enormous financial and legal problems for the cyclist, and even affect their ability to get sufficient medical care.

A large part of the work our attorneys do is providing free advice to cyclists who don’t necessarily need to be represented by a lawyer. It is always a good idea to call a lawyer with deep knowledge of bicycle cases after a crash. We will let you know what next steps you should take, and whether you should consider hiring a lawyer. We get paid out of any eventual settlement (not hourly), and consultations are always free.

What should bicycle riders know about your business?

Calling us for a consultation is always free, and we want to help as many cyclists as we can. Part of our mission is to help cyclists, even if it doesn’t make sense for them to have a lawyer and they just need free advice on how to proceed.

Why have you chosen to support MCBC’s efforts? 

Bicycle coalitions are crucial in the fight to make cycling safer. And more cyclists on the road means healthier communities and a healthier environment!


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