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Brilliancy is a proud supporter of MCBC supporting campaigns and programs like Reimagine Mt. Tam and Cory’s Ride. We asked Brilliancy to tell us a bit more about their services and how they support bicycling in Marin. 

Is there anything about your business that is uniquely cycling-related? 

We love to support all things cycling! Here in Marin, we are major supporters of both our local high school and middle school NICA teams, as well as MCBC. Our founder Kristin Swenson is a volunteer coach for North Marin Composite and Co-Head Coach for North Marin Devo based in Novato. She also recently began racing XC and gravel. Having rediscovered cycling during the pandemic, she has become a little bike-crazy, and her ambition includes being a diversity supplier for cyclists and the cycling industry in the brand and creative communications realm. 

How does your business benefit from bicyclists?

Bicyclists are great people and a great community. We are proud to be engaged in the cycling community and do our part to support cycling and all the activism that cycling benefits us including promoting healthy lifestyles; improving and expanding trail systems, bike paths, and safety; and reducing our collective carbon footprint.

What should bicycle riders know about your business?

As a Marin-based creative agency founded in 2007 (formerly known as Kreativz, Inc.), we have led brand-level initiatives, projects, and campaigns for local, regional, and international businesses and organizations. We have deep experience in both brand strategy and creative. Storytelling through digital media communications has become the cornerstone of a successful brand, and we love this work!

While newer to a bike focus, much of our work in recent years has been for mission-based organizations or companies. We love to work with good people doing great work!

Are there any specific MCBC projects or programs that particularly resonate for you and your organization?

The Reimagine Mt. Tam campaign has been an effort that our entire team has been involved in creatively. We are major supporters of the goal to envision a more inclusive trail system on the Mt. Tam watershed and be part of that change. Helping create more safe places for people to get to be outdoors and experience the beauty of Marin is beneficial to all of us, individually and as a community. 

Our founder is also a supporter of Cory’s Ride, and she looks forward to seeing a time when more young people throughout Marin have access to biking and become an active part of the community of cyclists.

Why have you chosen to support MCBC’s efforts?

MCBC is out there daily doing an unbelievable amount of work in Marin to make biking safe, fun, and accessible. When our founder learned of MCBC’s current projects and goals, she quickly communicated to the organization’s leadership that she would be happy to contribute her team’s time and talents.  

Please tell us about your services. What is the most exciting aspect of your operation that you want people to know about?

We offer brand review, brand development, campaign or ad design, video, and other creative communications. As a company, Brilliancy is highly pro-cycling and we are working to increase the work we do with cyclists and the industry as well as our support of the overall cycling community.

We have major discounts for our bike industry clientele, especially for bike-related nonprofit organizations and individual cyclists.

Is there any timely campaign or promotional message you would like us to mention? 

MCBC members or event sponsors get an automatic 20% discount from our hourly or project-based rates. We also have deep discounts for bike industry companies or organizations, including individual cyclists.  

Are there any last words or final thoughts that you would like to share?

Together we can make such a difference! We are proud of the work MCBC does, and we are delighted to be partners. We hope that everyone takes a moment to appreciate and support your mission for more bike safety, access, and fun right here in Marin. If you aren’t a member of MCBC yet, consider joining. It’s an amazing organization doing more than you can imagine for biking in Marin.


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