MCBC Sponsor Profile Relevant Wealth

Wealth Management for Bay Area Families and Family Foundations

MCBC is proud to have Relevant Wealth as one of our Gold Sponsors. We asked Bruce Raabe, Founder and CEO to tell us more about himself and Relevant Wealth.

We aspire to redefine the wealth management experience by casting aside industry norms and expectations and delivering a seamless and customized partnership that gives our clients the peace of mind they deserve and desire.

Is there anything about your business which is uniquely cycling related?

I grew up in Davis and rode the Davis Double Century for the first time when I was 13. After that, I was hooked on recreational cycling. As a young adult, my friends and I would drive to Marin to mountain bike on Mt. Tam. My passion for cycling and the world class roads and trails in Marin were a huge part of my decision to move to Marin in 1991 and raise my family here. 

Two of my cycling highlights are riding the iconic Paris-Brest-Paris 1200 km ride across France, as well as co-building and riding a 4-person bicycle (Quad) across the country. 

How does your business benefit from bicyclists?

Our staff are healthier and more physically fit because they are active cyclists. Plus, there’s no better place to reflect on work and life than on a bicycle. 

What should bicycle riders know about your business?

The mission of MCBC is closely aligned with the goals we hope to achieve for our clients – living healthy, happy, and meaningful lives. I love participating in the many challenging rides that MCBC hosts. Most importantly, I’m grateful for the work they do to grow and protect the amazing cycling assets in our community while promoting safe and fun riding for everyone. I’m personally thrilled to see MCBC enhance the trail resources for mountain bikes and gravel bikes and am especially excited about the Liberty Gulch Trail project. 

Why have you chosen to support MCBC’s efforts?

The cycling community needs a powerful and expert advocate to represent us as our county is reshaped by the many forces that are currently at odds with one another. I feel we’d be at a tremendous disadvantage without the MCBC staff and vision. 

Please tell us about your services. What is the most exciting aspect of your operation that you want people to know about?

Why Relevant Wealth?

Surveys show 85% of wealthy families work with an investment advisor. Unfortunately, most are not truly client centric and limit their relationship to investment consulting. Our comprehensive and holistic process leverages our decades of experience and that of our expert team. There is nothing more gratifying than to have a small part in ensuring our clients thrive. 

Wealth Management for Bay Area Families and Family Foundations

Family Foundations

  • Caring, legacy, and permanence. These are the pillars of most family foundations.

  • Imagine a philanthropic partner who helps you maximize the value and impact of your charity.

  • With over five decades of experience acting as fiduciaries on behalf of our foundation clients, we have developed a unique level of engagement with our foundation Boards. This ensures their chosen mission and vision is protected by a comprehensive and collaborative investment management process.

Family Wealth Management

  • Imagine having complete peace of mind about your most important financial concerns.

  • Imagine a team of seasoned independent experts devoted to knowing your story, your dreams, your concerns, and your expectations as they work with you to navigate today’s complex financial landscape to assure that your most important goals are achieved.

  • Imagine a Personal CFO supported by a diverse team of independent experts continually engaged with you to ensure your financial life does not interfere with your personal life.

  • Imagine a cohesive strategy that includes not just investment management, but one that simultaneously addresses your own specific advanced plan including estate planning, insurance planning, tax planning and family and charitable gifting.

Imagine no more…

We enjoy all that our community has to offer and know that we are fortunate to live in a diverse and active community. Philanthropy is a core value at Relevant Wealth. We strongly believe in supporting the organizations and businesses within the communities where we live, work, and play. We believe it is our responsibility to contribute to solutions that address the urgent issues facing our community.

Complimentary & Confidential Stress Test

The first step to determining if we are a good fit is to participate in our complimentary and confidential Stress Test. This robust discovery process will provide you with a thorough review of your existing approach and identify if there is an opportunity for improvement.

Relevant Wealth Goals

Our goal is to deliver a world class wealth management experience that addresses all of our clients’ specific needs. Wealth management requires trust and confidence – and that must be earned.

We encourage you to contact us to set up a time to meet. We develop lifelong relationships with our clients. Feel free to reach out to Bruce Raabe by email or at (415) 925-4000 for a casual meeting to determine if we have the chemistry to be successful together.