MCBC Sponsor Focus Teak

Teak is a creative agency based in San Francisco with deep Marin roots. Teak is a proud sponsor and supporter of MCBC. Read on to learn more about Teak.

Is there anything about your business that is uniquely cycling-related? 

Teak is a creative agency in San Francisco run by people who are insanely passionate about biking, transit, community and the outdoors. Our mission is to give brands a soul- we’ve partnered with brands like Smartwool, Clif Bar, JanSport, San Francisco Travel and Lagunitas and are proud to be a supporter of MCBC. 

How does your business benefit from bicyclists?

Some of us commute everywhere, everyday by bike (where possible!). We also ride on the mountain several times a week- nothing better after work and meetings to hit the mountain around 3pm.  We find that we’re most creative in the mornings, and by mid-afternoon it’s time to get out and ride. We also often ride in, or to the ferry, when we commute to the city.

What should bicycle riders know about your business?

While we maintain a San Francisco office, we are mostly home in Marin and in Berkeley. We are, without a doubt, in one of the most idyllic places on earth to live. We believe Marin has the potential to lead the way in evolving to a better transportation infrastructure. We’re dedicating time outside of our primary client work to help move us to a more balanced infrastructure- one that encourages more Marin-ites to get out of their cars and on their bikes. We believe this is the path to a better, more connected community. 

We’re such big fans of MCBC’s efforts for the Cal Park Tunnel, Bike to Work Day, North-South Greenway Overcrossing, Safe Routes to Schools, Slow & Say Hello! Outreach, Share the Path, and, as beer lovers, of course Biketoberfest.

What is the most exciting aspect of your operation that you want people to know about?

We are a creative agency and our primary work is to create, develop and promote brands. We create brand messaging, brand identity, design websites for brands and create advertising for them. We’ve done this for huge companies like Google and Yahoo and Lagunitas Brewing Company, as we get older we’re more focused on using those skills to help organizations like MCBC make positive change in the world.

Meet the Teak Team


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