MCBC Sponsor Focus Velocio Cycling Apparel

 Velocio Cycling Apparel’s history is defined by its commitment to innovation, sustainability and culture.

“I thought you were a women’s road brand” – [Name Redacted] Pro Mountain Biker

Velocio Logo

We are a women’s road brand. Gravel too. Also men. We’re defined by pedaling. Above all, we’re organized around the technical demands of bike riding. Our products are built for exceptional durability from sustainable materials in an ethical factory. We made mountain apparel to cut across expectations or labels. We made it to elevate the experience.

We’re a proud supporter of MCBC’s women’s Jane Fondo ride and the Adventure Revival and women’s Jane Fondo ride, as both events align with our brand goals.



Hot Weather Game Changer

The launch of Radiator Mesh Jersey, built on our year+ of development of our radiator line, leveraging Polartec Delta fabric to create the go-to hot weather jersey. Another industry first, the Radiator Mesh Jersey won Editor’s Choice Awards from CyclingTips, VeloNews and countless mentions in cycling media as the new go-to for hot weather riding.

FlyFree Introduction

The launch of FlyFree took our industry leading women’s bib short, the Fly, and made it obsolete. FlyFree maintained all of the performance and functionality of the FLY, but removed the zipper, improving comfort and garment durability. Since it’s launch, FlyFree has been expanded to every category of women’s bib shorts and tights for no compromise performance, year round.


There are great options for better apparel today. Gone are the days of counterposing highly technical apparel with sustainable apparel. That’s a false choice. Since our launch in 2014, we’ve looked at how we can continue to push forward our product offering to reduce our impact on our planet. We all need clothing, but what we choose to buy has a profound impact on not only its longevity, but the environmental cost in creating it.

The choices we make are aimed to slow down the process, to push back against fast fashion and disposable kit. Each of our designs is aimed at longevity and sustained performance. Likewise, we strive for timeless visual designs since a great kit is a great kit whether new out-of-the-bag or in five years. Then there are the material choices that comprise our clothing.

Today, we’re using sustainable fabrics and resources. Our collection of apparel using recycled or natural fiber materials now comprises 100% of our Spring/Summer jersey line. Every jersey is either made primarily from recycled polyester (ocean trash from the EU – turned into new yarn in the EU) or natural fibers.


A lack of diversity in cycling was something we hoped to change early on. Our goal: make a deeper commitment to representation, feature BIPOC cyclists in marketing and brand image and build more diversity and representation in our ambassador program.


Biking down a rock trail Velocio
All images courtesy of Velocio

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