Who We Are Biking To Support MCBC, Our Health, And The Planet

By Emma-Louise Anderson, MCBC Board Member

The Green Fondo weekend is here!  It’s not too late to donate to our riders and support their efforts to make Marin a safer place for biking as well as reduce our carbon emissions.  We will be posting updates and photos throughout the weekend so please support us with a donation and consider joining us for the next event – we’d love to have you join Team MCBC whether you’re a beginning rider or seasoned professional, all are welcome!

Thanks to the Algorand Foundation every single donation you make will be matched so your support and our impact will be doubled.  Please make a donation to one of the staff members below to acknowledge their fundraising and incredible hard work – who you choose is up to you – all the money raised goes directly to MCBC.

Our team of more than 20 riders – ranging in age from 12 to over 70 – will be participating in this Climate Ride event (www.climateride.org) to raise money and awareness for MCBC.  We will be cycling up to 160 miles over the weekend to fundraise for the organization and as our commitment to lowering lowering greenhouse gas emissions, both individually and as an collectively.

How to support MCBC at the Green Fondo

Please consider supporting our staff riders who are biking for MCBC in the Climate Ride Green Fondo. 100% of the donations raised will go back to MCBC in order to support our work to create a more sustainable Marin through bicycling.

In addition, you can also look up an individual participant’s name and support them directly. Thank you so much for your donation and for supporting Team MCBC. 

If you’re curious about  joining the team and doing a multi-day climate ride to support MCBC in the future please let me know.  We would love to have you join us. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete doing century rides every weekend, or a new rider wanting to get more into riding – you’re all welcome.

Please join us in biking to support MCBC and in our efforts to combat climate change. See you out on the roads and trails of Marin!

Emma-Louise MCBC Board Member




Emma-Louise Anderson, emma-louise@marinbike.org

MCBC Board Member and Team Captain

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