New Deal at the New Wheel! Trade In Your Car for an Electric Bike!

The New Wheel Electric Bike Shop is launching the country’s first vehicle trade-in program towards the purchase of environmentally friendly electric bikes. This program enables anyone to cash in the value of a used two or four-wheeled vehicle to upgrade to a electric bicycle.

The program is simple. Anyone can bring a used bikes or car to one of The New Wheel’s two locations (along with a valid ID). A member of The New Wheel team evaluates the trade-in within 20 minutes. During the eval, you can take the time to test ride any of the 25 models of electric bikes available there. These bikes range from European-inspired commuter bikes to mountain bikes to cargo bikes capable of carrying carry up to three kids. All bikes carried by The New Wheel are legal to ride in California and covered by a manufacturer’s warranty of at least 2 years.

Widespread adoption of electric bikes in Asia and Europe has made the electric bike the most popular electric vehicle on the planet. E-bikes are intuitive to use, safe, reliable, and serviceable. Efficient motors work with a rider’s own strength to help anyone easily and enjoyably navigate the Bay Area’s challenging, hilly terrain.

“In addition to 24/7 roadside assistance, annual service contracts, and 12-month financing, our new trade-in program is yet another way we make electric bike ownership easy, convenient and affordable,” says Brett Thurber, who manages The New Wheel in Larkspur Landing.

“Our customers in San Francisco and Marin routinely tell us that electric bikes are more useful and convenient than their car for short to medium distance trips” says Wiener, who manages The New Wheel in San Francisco.

Brett and Karen anticipate that The New Wheel Trade-In Program will help hundreds of residents of San Francisco and Marin County switch from driving to electric biking.

“With continued improvement in bicycle infrastructure, increasing traffic, and the knowledge that more needs to be done to combat climate change,” Thurber says, “I hope our trade-in program will convince more people to give an electric bike a try.”


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