Liberty Gulch Trail Update Building Bridges on Azalea Hill

MCBC volunteers have been helping the MMWD trail crew on Azalea Hill this winter by installing bridge decking at two of seven water crossings as part of the Liberty Gulch Trail project. We held two events, and had a good mix of seasoned trail volunteers and student athletes from the local high school mountain bike teams come out to help prepare the trail for bikers, hikers and equestrians.

As you can see from these photos, the volunteers took their work seriously and finished the task at hand with a sense of pride and accomplishment. Click here to see  more photos of the progress so far.


Construction of the new multi-use trail got underway in 2021, but progress was slowed during the construction season as MMWD staff and contractors shifted their focus to the drought and Northern California wildfire response. With temporary relief from both as a result of a wet winter, crews are back out working on the project.

Currently the lower position of the trail is slated to be completed near the end of 2022, at which time the trail will be open as an out-and-back experience with views of Alpine Lake.

Enhancements on the upper portion of the trail, which includes installing a significant retaining wall at the top, should begin in 2023.

For now the trail is closed to all visitors and there is no official open date. Please respect the trail closure so the work crews can stay on schedule.

You can get a sneak peek of the trail this weekend as we return for another volunteer day. But you better hurry, as we only have a few spots left! Register HERE! 

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