Action Alert Call for S. Eliseo Improvements at June 11 Workshop

A bike route is only as strong as its weakest link–and in the case of Corte Madera Creek Pathway, we have an opportunity to address the S. Eliseo on-street gap!

Of the 3.2 miles along the Corte Madera Creek Pathway between Ross and Larkspur Ferry Terminal, .7 mi. is spent sharing the road with traffic on S. Eliseo Drive. And while biking along the pathway is a pleasant, stress-free experience, riding on S. Eliseo between parked cars and speeding traffic can be unnerving.

If you ride–or would like to ride–this corridor regularly, please join MCBC in attending Larkspur’s Community Open House for the South Eliseo Drive Multimodal Improvement Study next Tuesday, June 11. If you’re not able to attend, you can send an email to Public Works Director Julian Skinner at

Scroll down to see some possible configurations and sign-up for email updates and meeting reminders!

meeting details

What: Attend the community Open House at the Central Marin Police Authority (250 Doherty Drive) to learn more about the intent of the study and provide input on the existing issues associated with walking and bicycling along South Eliseo Drive.

When: Tuesday, June 11, 2019, 6-8pm

Where: Central Marin Police Authority – 250 Doherty Drive, Larkspur

Not able to attend? Send your feedback to Public Works Director Julian Skinner at

Fore more information, head to the City’s project page.

SIgn-Up for email updates & meeting reminders

Possible improvements

The following street configurations are meant for illustrative purposes only; these were not developed by or vetted with the City of Larkspur.

We do not yet know whether the scope of improvements will include the sidewalks or other features, such as street trees. The following illustrations assume that the sidewalks would remain in place, with only the roadway striping being reconfigured.

existing configuration

S. Eliseo Drive is currently configured with two 8′ parking lanes and 12′ travel lanes.

OnE Parking lane with bike lanes


Bike lanes would be possible through the removal of at least one parking lane.

advisory bike lanes

If parking removal proves infeasible, a roadway configuration featuring “advisory bike lanes” may be effective at slowing traffic speeds and giving people bicycling priority. Advisory bike lanes allow people bicycling to establish their position on the roadway and force drivers to share a narrow two-way lane. When oncoming vehicles approach each other, they must yield to any bicyclists and then move over into the bike lanes to safely pass.

For more about advisory bike lanes, check out this video from the City of Ottawa and this document from Alta Planning + Design.

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