Off-Road Cycling Detours for June 8, 2016

Three more bicycle things which crossed our desks this week.  No endorsement should be inferred or implied…

We just liked them and thought you might too.
Enjoy and ride safe!

1 – A very “close to home” cycling detour this week:  Join the Sustainable Fairfax – ReduceX2 Challenge to reduce the number of car trips and win great prizes! The goal is to reduce the number of single-occupancy car trips you take by at least two per week. This self-paced Challenge can be started at any time and lasts for 3 weeks.  Just text “start” to 415-214-9502 and you are on your way to discovering the benefits of car-free trips! You can  learn more at their website or by emailing

2 – Sure, if you are a bit of a bike geek, you know what a penny-farthing is, but do you know why it’s called that? Our friends at Merriam-Webster have created this set of cycling related words to test your obscure bicycle terminology knowledge.

3 – As more options crop up for battery-assisted riding, here’s a WSJ article which features several interesting takes on the idea.



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