news Cycling Detours for May 24, 2017

Before we begin this week, here’s a quick shout-out to this smiling group of cyclists who worked their way through San Anselmo on a recent morning while showing great care to follow the rules of the road.

Three more bicycle things which crossed our desks this week. No endorsement should be inferred or implied…

We just found them interesting and thought you might too.
Enjoy and ride safe!

1 – Some of us remember the “Swingbike” from a while back.  Looks like a couple of enterprising fellows are refining that idea with their Trocadero Fixies.

2 – SOPWAMTOS, “Bruce Gordon was mean/nice to me” buttons, perhaps some “Touring Nerd is King” pocket protectors. Certainly, a legacy of amazing craftsmanship.  And it could be yours

3 – It’s nearly Tour Season

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