news Don’t Ride BoFax! Construction Underway!

As we reported back in early September, construction is now proceeding in the sections of Bolinas-Fairfax Road damaged by mudslides in March of this year. Since then, we’ve heard anecdotal reports of people being cited for riding on the closed roadway, with some serious fines being levied.

img_20160919_161350_01The simple answer? Stay off the closed sections of BoFax until construction is complete and the roadway is opened. An MCBC member forwarded this image which shows a laminated sign attached to the gate above the Meadow Club.  On that page, Vehicle Code sections 21461.a and 21461.5 have been highlighted – referencing the requirement for all vehicle operators (which would include bicycles) and pedestrians to honor any posted limits to access.

As DPW Principal Civil Engineer Ernest Klock said, “…we hope everybody will respect the closure while the workers are doing their jobs.”

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