Action Alert Headlands Traffic Pilot Affects Cyclists – Share Your Feedback

With no prior notice, National Park Service (NPS) began a 17-day traffic pilot (June 29 – July 15) that will have a significant impact on bicycling in the Marin Headlands. Together with the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, we are calling on NPS to make more–not less–room for people on bikes. Join us by sharing your feedback below.

Both MCBC and the SF Bicycle Coalition have already been flooded by complaints about the project, which provides a counter-clockwise loop for motorists in order to increase parking along Conzelman Road in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. Unfortunately, NPS neither notified nor consulted with either organization in the pilot’s development.

The former downhill lane has been temporarily converted to a parking lane, with the new downhill lane shifted over to the former uphill lane. NPS installed delineator posts in order to divide this new downhill lane from the uphill bike lane/shoulder.

During congested periods, people riding up Conzelman Road will be confined to the narrow bike lane, with limited opportunities to pass other cyclists or avoid hillside debris. 

Even during non-congested periods, riders are impacted. We’ve already received comments that the delineator posts have been spaced too closely, thus making it difficult to leave the shoulder. We shared this feedback with NPS and were told that they will remove several posts to create more permeability between the shoulder and parking lane.

Other concerns include one-way (westbound) vehicle access through the tunnel, leaving eastbound cyclists with no choice but to share the tunnel with oncoming traffic.

Share Your Thoughts With NPS

Cyclists are encouraged to share feedback on this pilot project. Email, or simply use the form below:

Additional ReadingNPS’ Headlands Traffic Management Pilot Press Release

Image Credit: Fat Cake Cycling Club (IG/@fatcakeclub)

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