Support New Trail Access! Hunt Camp Trail Comments Due NOW!

Hunt Camp (aka Hunter’s Camp or Paranickel) Trail is a popular trail in the San Geronimo Valley enjoyed for decades by hikers and bikers.

There’s just one problem: it’s not an official system trail. That’s about to change and we need your immediate support!

Two weeks ago, Marin County Parks released plans to adopt Hunt Camp trail and build a new extension trail. This triggered a 30-day public comment period which is rapidly closing – time to speak up for more trails!

Do you support more opportunities for mountain biking?
Do you enjoy singletrack trails?
Do you support the enhancements to reduce impacts to the environment?

Now’s your chance to submit letters of support!

The benefits of the project are incredibly solid:

  • Creates a fun and scenic singletrack trail open to bikes

  • Increases bike-legal trail access by 1.5 miles

  • Provides an opportunity to build new singletrack trail by hand

  • Creates a loop option which keeps users off paved roads and connects with other bike-legal trails

  • Immerses visitors in nature and provides incredible views

We appreciate Open Space’s willingness to create fun, safe trails for mountain biking.

Please send a letter of support to Jon Campo at

Hunt Camp Trail Background

Hunt Camp Trail starts at an historic hunting camp site near Green Hill off the San Geronimo Ridge Fire Road. The trail descends into San Geronimo along a serpentine rock ridge, with a spur trail that meanders through a forest of oak, bay and redwood trees. It is a superb singletrack trail with interesting technical challenges for both cyclists and hikers.

Parks plans to keep 90% of the trail intact to preserve its character, while realigning two short segments to avoid erosion and habitat for the sensitive Mount Tamalpais manzanita (a rare plant that only grows in Marin). Additionally, two bridges are planned for the widest wet crossings, and a new ½ mile section of trail will be built by hand to connect the trail with the Contour Trail Complex, adopted last year.

In order for this trail to be adopted, and for a new trail segment to be built in a sensitive habitat, Parks will also decommission non-system trails in the area. These trails have been slated for decommissioning since the Region 2 Road and Trail Designation was adopted in 2015.

Project Documents:

Fact Sheet

Project Description

Email Tom Boss if you have questions about the project.

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