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“I like to ride my bicycle!” is the theme for the 2016 Bike To Work Day – emphasizing how much the original idea of bicycling “to work” has evolved in recent years.  With many people working from home or local offices, using a bicycle means more than just a morning and evening commute. Often, it’s quicker to use a bicycle for local errands than to choose a car.  As many MCBC members have learned, it’s much simpler to roll up to where you need to be and lock your bike than to fight traffic and circle a crowded parking lot.

As everyone gears up for this year’s Bay Area Bike to Work Day on Thursday, May 12  – part of National Bike Month – we spoke with a variety of MCBC members who use the bicycle as an integral part of their everyday life…

Marc Vendetti on RepackAnother MCBC Member who “Likes to Ride Their Bicycle”:

  • Name:  Marc Vendetti
  • Occupation:  Nonprofit management
  • Years Riding: 45 years

Where do you most commonly ride your bicycle?

Ross Valley

What bicycle do you like the best?

Breezer Finesse

What part of your ride do you like the best?  

The part between when I take it out of the garage and the part where I put it back in there again.

What do you like best about the benefits of riding your bike?

Lots of things:  You go slow enough to see and smell the sights, but fast enough to get somewhere in a decent time frame. You are also more connected to other riders—and pedestrians, hikers and the world around you. You can say “Hi” or have a conversation. That’s way different from the car world, where you are in isolation in your vehicle. Public transportation is also better than cars in this regard.  You get some exercise. You don’t pollute.

What would you have liked someone to tell you when you started?

Caution! These things may be habit forming!

Where do you most like to ride your bike?

Marin County!

Why would others like to ride in Marin?  

It’s one of the most fun, beautiful and accessible places to ride on the planet.

What is your favorite ride/route?

Lots: The loop from Fairfax to Alpine Dam, Ridgecrest Blvd, Mill Valley and back. Lake Lagunitas. The Marshall Wall loop. Paradise Drive. China Camp. Camp Tamarancho. Downieville.  Paradise Royale

What part of riding would you most like to improve?  

I would like to reduce the level of antagonism in the relationship between bicycles and the car people and all the other groups that don’t like us.  Would like to have more protected bikeways. The most frequent objection I hear from people hesitant (or outright refusing) to ride is their fear of cars. Virtually every public road should have bicycle/pedestrian accommodations. Would like to have most of the single-track on Mt. Tam opened up to bicycling, with alternate day sharing provisions to keep the peace.

What is your favorite vision of the bicycling in the future?

Electric bikes of all kinds usher in the next golden age of cycling and virtually replace cars for trips of 10 miles or less in good weather. Street cars, trains, buses, planes and interstellar transport all have convenient provisions for  traveling with your bike. Free or low-cost bicycle sharing programs in all major cities. Bicycle racing a regular part of all high school and college sports programs.  I want to be the first person to ride a mountain bike on Mars.  People better recognize how the history of bicycles has shaped our modern world.

Finally, if there’s a further message you would like to share with the people who ride bikes in Marin County – whether simple, encouraging or aspirational – what would that be?

The bicycle can always be improved upon, but not  the joy of riding one! ~ Marc Vendetti


Thanks Marc!  

If you have wanted to be a part of the Bike to Work movement – running errands, ferrying kids or simply commuting to and from your office – it’s easy to start!   You Can Bike There provides a number of resources, and we have Employer Toolkits to help others in your office or workplace leave their car behind.  On Thursday, May 12, we’ll be out in force, with Energizer Stations on routes throughout Marin County.

Look for more profiles of MCBC members who Like to Ride Their Bicycle!

Editor’s Note: These interviews represent the words and opinions of the featured rider.  As such, the views expressed in this profile do not necessarily reflect the opinions or policies of the Marin County Bicycle Coalition.

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