On the Mill Valley Pathway Marin County Parks Hosts e-Bike Demo July 19

Marin County Parks and Open Space Commission will host a special outdoor session next Thursday in Mill Valley, providing an opportunity to ride an electric-assisted bike, or e-bike.

The afternoon workshop will take place in a section of Bayfront Park along the Mill Valley/Sausalito Multi-use Pathway close to the roundabout near 450 Sycamore Avenue in Mill Valley. Everything starts at 2 PM and parking will be available along Sycamore Avenue.

Along with Marin County Parks, the Commission is interested in gathering as much public feedback and information as possible regarding e-bikes, as it considers an update to the Parks section of the Marin County Code*.

“Getting a real feel for what it’s like to have that electric assistance is important before we make any changes to the local rules, so due diligence is required,” said Park and Open Space Superintendent Ari Golan. “A lot of local people already have e-bikes and are interested in using them on county maintained paved multi-use paths. We’d like to make sure that the decisionmakers and other stakeholders get some hands-on experience before we delve into potential policy actions.”

WHAT: E-bike demo and workshop
WHEN: Thursday, July 19 at 2:00 PM
WHERE: Mill Valley/Sausalito Multi-use Pathway (near 450 Sycamore Avenue in Mill Valley)

*A separate set of official codes set usage policies within the Marin County Open Space District, which includes unpaved roads and trails in 34 preserves. Parks is working to update policies for paved multiuse pathways before addressing policies for the open space preserves. Feedback may be emailed to parks@marincounty.org.

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